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They are found in tropical and subtropical South America. this Family is divided into two groups depending on the nature of this "shielding". The first meeting Callichthys gender Callichthys, Cascadura, Dianema y Hoplosternum, for other hand be the Aspidoras, Brochis, Chaenothorax y Corydoras. The family is also characterized by a pair of barbs on the lower jaw. There is a lawsuit demanding the care in a few words are very resistant to abrupt changes of the environment, usually in the range of parameters is ample water in case the temperature is 17-28 º C, pH 6-8 and very soft water to hard water 0-25dH. These are the main species we manage:

Cory Asher LongnoseCory AsherCory OlgaCorydora  MeliniCorydora abrosusCorydora AeneusCorydora ArcuatusCorydora ElegantsCorydora haraldsshultziCorydora HastatusCorydora MetaeCorydora puntactusCorydora Reticulatus

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