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He catfish are the most numerous and characteristic. Belong to the Siluriformes, which in turn is divided into 33 families comprising over 400 genera and approximately 2000 different species distributed in temperate and tropical waters worldwide, although they can be found in colder areas . There are only two families living in the sea, while the rest are brackish water or freshwater.

The Cat Fish have evolved to occupy the most diverse ecological niches. Some live in fast flowing rivers, while others have adapted to stagnant water, even dirty or muddy. There are catfish that can survive out of water long enough and others who come to the surface periodically to take a breath.

The Cat Fish have a variety of sizes, such as Wels catfish that can grow to 4 meters. In contrast is the Corydoras pygmaeus adult who does not reach 4 cm in length.

Colombian Shark2Twig Catfish

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